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How to Keep Your Pool Safe and Avoid Injury this Summer

How to Keep Your Pool Safe and Avoid Injury this Summer

According to the USA Swimming Foundation, Texas suffered from the highest drowning rate with 35 fatalities for the year and nine just for the month of August. Many of these tragedies involved children at home or apartment pools. If you want to avoid injury and death around the water, rely on these precautions to keep your pool safe.

Don't Swim Alone

You're a fit and experienced swimmer who's like a fish in water, so you don't have a problem spending time by yourself in the pool. But what happens if you get a cramp that prevents you from moving at the deep end? Or you accidentally hit your head on the wall and lose consciousness? If you're by yourself, you could easily drown. Always swim with someone else or make sure a lifeguard is on duty, especially with young children in the pool. 

Maintain the Pool and Its Surroundings

Broken tiles, loose screws in the pool ladder and cracked pool décor are not only unsightly but can cause trips, falls, scratches and other injuries. Be particularly careful of loose electrical wires from pool machinery or entertainment devices that can cause electric shocks when they come into contact with water. Keep your pool, its machinery and its surroundings well-maintained as well as keeping electrical devices away from the water.

To prevent head injuries, do not allow diving unless there is sufficient depth for it and only allow people to jump in only feet first.

Enforce Safe Standards

Teach the kids and any guests how to behave around the pool. Prohibit running near the pool or using breakables such as glass nearby. To prevent head injuries, do not allow diving unless there is sufficient depth (at least 8 feet) and still make sure that they are diving in a way that sends them across the pool rather than straight down to the bottom. Also, do not allow people who have consumed too much alcohol into the pool.

Install Barriers, Covers and Alarms

An effective way to prevent children from playing around a pool without supervision is to install a fence around it that is at least four feet high. A locking, self-closing and self-latching gate must be the only way to enter the pool. An alarm on the gate as well as in the pool warns you if more sneaky youngsters breach the barrier. In the off-season, a sturdy or automatic pool cover keeps out unwanted swimmers permanently as well as protects the water from dirt and debris.

Learn CPR

Despite all your efforts, an adult or child may still have an accident. In these situations, knowing how to perform Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) can be a lifesaver. The lessons are not difficult, typically include first aid, only take an afternoon or evening and classes are available at your local American Red Cross chapter. Once you've taken the class, you remain certified for two years. Be sure to keep your certification current.

At Pierce Pools & Outdoor Visions, we take pool safety seriously. Before jumping in for your first summer swim, make sure to schedule a maintenance appointment with us to verify your pool is safe and up to code. Contact us today for information or with questions about your pool. 

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