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Worst Plants For Pools Areas

Worst Plants For Pools Areas

Your swimming pool adds a lot of enjoyment and value to your home, and creative landscaping can bring it to the next level. Sadly, not every plant is ideal for growing near a pool. To avoid additional work and disappointment from your landscaping choices, pool owners should try to avoid plants which drop leaves, needles or fruit and those which prefer shade. While there are many suitable varieties of plants for pool areas, homeowners should steer clear of trying to grow the following five popular plants.

Five Plants to Avoid Planting Near a Pool

Azaleas are beautiful shrubs which come in a variety of vivid colors and are a favorite of many gardeners. Azaleas come in two varieties: deciduous, which mean they lose their leaves when the weather turns cold, and evergreen. Sadly, Azaleas are not true evergreens because they grow multiple sets of leaves throughout the year and drop their old leaves which can wind up in your pool. 

Bamboo comes in over a 1000 different species, grows quickly and adds a distinctive Asian-appearance to any area. That is the reason many homeowners use bamboo as a natural fence to maintain privacy from wandering eyes. Bamboo's characteristics may lead pool owners to assume bamboo makes the perfect border for their swimming area. But it is not a good idea. Bamboo's tiny leaves frequently drop and can clog your pool.

Crape Myrtles are trees with bunches of tiny, yet beautiful white, pink and red flowers during the summer months. Although these drought-resistant trees are a logical choice for warmer, drier climates, they do not make a good tree for planting in a yard where there is a pool. The wind can easily carry the small flowers of the Crape Myrtle across your property to wind up collecting in the water.

Bamboo's characteristics may lead pool owners to assume bamboo makes the perfect border for their swimming area. But it is not a good idea. Bamboo's tiny leaves frequent drop and can clog your pool.

Flowering Cherry Trees are among the most breath-taking of all plants. The beauty of cherry tree blossoms is legendary and extremely popular in Asian culture. While there is no denying flowering cherry trees are stunning, it is better to enjoy them away from where you swim. When the cherry blossoms fall each year, you don't want to spend hours removing the blossoms from the pool. 

Honeysuckle has a sweet smell and unique leaves. Many adults remember pinching off a flower and tasting the delicious nectar when they were children. But it is best to leave these sweet memories in the past and resist planting honeysuckle near a pool. Honeysuckle can become invasive and will spread out of control if cut back regularly. In addition, the petals of the honeysuckle will collect in the pool. 

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